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Same Day Delivery/Pickup is available in Long Beach for orders placed by noon. Next Day Delivery/Pickup is available for orders placed by 6:00pm


Delivery orders must be placed no-later-than 6:00pm Thursday in order to be processed for the next delivery/pickup Friday. Orders placed after 6:00pm Thursday will be scheduled for the following Friday.


Pure/raw honey crystalized over time. Small air bubbles or crystalized foam may form and appear at the top fo you jar or bottle. This is perfectly normal. If your honey crystalizes, you can liquify it by heating in a pan of warm (150°F/6°5°C) water until it has liquidfied. Do not feed honey to infants under 1 year of age.

Wildflower Honey - Muth Style Bottle

1 Pound
  • The perfect gift for the honey connoisseur in your life, this "Muth" sytle bottle offers an old fashioned feel to Owen's Honey Hive's Wildflower Honey. Originating from nectar of various flowers thie honey offers a mild flavor that is a wonderful addition to your pantry. Not overly sweet, its floral ambiance is apparant with each delightful taste. Add it to your favorite recipe or a cup of hot tea to tantazlize your tastebuds.

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