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What's New: April 2024

The Latest Happenings with Owen's Honey Hive

(And an Answer to the Big Question -- Will We Have Honey Soon?)

We know we've been quiet over the last months, and for that we apologize. It's been a busy winter between getting our bees ready for the Spring, work and school. Now that Spring is here, we're keeping even more busy with our bees. We've been building new hives, tending to the bees, and planning for some new product for later this year. We've had good things happen (all our bees survived winter) and not-so-good (we tried splitting a hive and the new hive didn't take). But we have two nucs (they're like baby hives) coming this month which means more honey!

Speaking of honey, I know some of you have been wondering when we'll have honey back in stock. We've been hoping for a Spring harvest, even if it were a small one. However, after inspecting today we've decided it's in the best interest of the bees if we don't take any honey from them at this time. We'd rather hold off for a Summer harvest and have strong hives as a result. Plus, with the two additional hives we'll have that much more honey for your enjoyment come harvest-time.


As always, thank you for your support and kindness you've shown us and our fledgling business. We look forward to bringing you lots of honey soon.

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